Voxility DDoS Protection

1Tbps+ DDoS Protection that works with any application. Used frequently to protect online games, DNS, TCP services, HTTPS/HTTP websites : TCPSRC DST0 - 1025 1025 - 65535 ALLOW - Generic multi-purpose TCP inspection / filtering 1025 - 65535 0 - 1025 ALLOW - Generic multi-purpose TCP inspection / filtering 1025 - 65535 80, 443, 2078, 2083, 2087, ... Read More »

15th Feb 2019
Hetzner DDoS protection

In a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack, an attacker will send thousands of fake requests in an attempt to exceed the bandwidth, flood a server's resources, and overload the system. By doing this, valid requests can only be processed very slowly or not at all. A massive amount of compromised computers (botnets) are often used to create a ... Read More »

15th Feb 2019
Anti-DDoS Game

Anti-DDoS Game Protection designed for online gaming and e-sports Specialist protection for a unique sector The online gaming and e-sports sector is one of the main targets of DDoS attacks. As a result, it is essential for hosting platforms to be permanently protected against these frequent, massive threats. DDoS attacks exploit the ... Read More »

25th Nov 2018
Railgun™ Origin Network Optimizer

Railgun ensures that the connection between your origin server and the Cloudflare network is as fast as possible. Railgun compresses previously uncacheable web objects up to 99.6% by leveraging techniques similar to those used in the compression of high-quality video. This results in an average 200% additional performance increase. What Railgun ... Read More »

19th Nov 2018
cPanel Backup Software

HostingFuze Network Backup   HostingFuze Network Backup is a remote rsync backup plugin for the famous hosting control panel cPanel. It is a WHM plugin. This will take all your cPanel accounts backups into a remote server over ssh via the incremental backup method. So you can have all your servers and cPanel accounts backups into a central ... Read More »

18th Nov 2018
Welcome to HostingFuze Network (HFN)

Our mission is as simple as it is to bring together technology, people, products, and data to create solutions that empower small business. We provide web hosting , web design and software solutions services to small and medium-sized businesses. Everything small businesses need to fuel their online presence and reach customers everywhere.  Feel ... Read More »

18th Nov 2018